Color Elite Designs is a botique web design firm based in the New Windsor, New York. We've been working with great clients for 10+ years. We do not advertise, and are very selective on the jobs we take on. 

You've Never Heard of Us.
We've never even had our own website setup until March of 2020.  We've never had a need.  We've worked off of word of mouth, referrals, and more.  Our work is way better than our own website. This one is for function only with this sole purpose.

Why Now? One good turn deserves another!
As the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic has spread across our home area of the Hudson Valley, we've seen so many people and businesses simply doing good things.  It has been amazing to witness.

We thought about how we can help, what we can do to make a difference. We have no manufacturing capabilities, we aren't good cooks, and can't sew a mask.

Our Way Of Giving Back
We're inviting any business or organization that needs some web or social media help, be it an upgraded website, help selling online for the first time, collecting online donations, or even creating a website for the first time to reach out to us. We're going to do all we can to help, free of charge.

Priority will be given to:
You should be a Hudson Valley, Orange County based business or organziation. Businesses that are doing some form of good to help others will jump to the front of the line.  Organzations that are helping first responders and everyone on the front lines jump ahead too.

How to get started:
Fill out this form, and we'll get back to you right away.  Fine print, we can't guarantee we can help everyone.  We reserve the right to decline any application at any time.

  • About You

  • What is your business doing to help others?

  • Tell us a bit about what your business or organization has done during the Coronavirus Pandemic to help others.  Remember, we prioritize businesses and organizations who are doing good for others. 

  • How can we help?

  • Tell us how we can help you.  Give us as much detail as you can.  Please be as specific as possible on what we can do for you.